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I came into the world by accident. Nothing and no one had announced my arrival. Nothing and no one was waiting for me. Nothing and no one, like me, had arrived before I came to being.

That’s how it was, but strangely enough, I was an very well orchestrated “accident” provoked by the fractal pattern of the universe that reproduces and reproduces and reproduces itself forever, with the stubbornness of always wanting to continue living.

When I came and looked at the world from a small, dark corner of my birth, everything was so dry and motionless that what was here greeted me with great expectation.

They wanted me so much that, on the very day of my arrival, I spread at the speed of the lightning and thunder in the sky that day. They finally celebrated my birth!

Ever since, it is those very forces of life, the ones that multiply me torrentially with such power that every time they express themselves, they fill my body with moisture and they flood my confidence in my thrust to continue living in the dreams of the ever expanding universe.

As of the time of my arrival, the surface of the Earth became an immense place of my salty planetary blood and thus, I was born the Oceanic Earth. I carry, dissolved in my bosom, all the elements that exist on the Planet.

I was born billions of centuries ago, in those times when time only had a beginning. Time always passed in the same way as today, but it never had an end, because it only passed in the memory of the birth of each star and was eternalized in them, only when they multiplied freely throughout the firmament.

I was born from the vapor in the dust of the stars that migrated to planet Earth. Thus, I am their daughter, and daughter of the clans and tribes that the stars create in their dancing constellations in the ethereal, to the rhythm of the sidereal music created by the universe so that they continue being, that is, so that they continue growing.

So here I am, the Oceanic Earth, mother of your life, of mine and of everything that lives here to continue dreaming and continue living.


1. An accident of the Universe

2. Stardust
• Spirit of the Waters

3. Self-centered Beings
• Backwater Rivers
• Love of Land and Sea
• Unrestrained Butterfly
• Legacy of the Waters
• A Goddess and a Sea

4. Plastic Polyglots
• Heartbeat Inventory

5. Treasures Lost in my Body
• Mountain or Sea, Sea or Mountain
• Marine Background

6. They belong to me, even if they deny it
• The Force of the Sea

7. They are the Sea

8. Tona Ina, Memory of the Waters

9. The Sound of the Conc
• The Conquering Beings

10. My body in the Middle East
• What I will do
• I look for the Word
• Strange Place
• History
• From Everything and for All Life
• Start and Finish

11. Equalize Life with Life itself
• Sailor Song

12. I am the salt of the Earth
• The Tide Changes
• Sounding Loves


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