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Festival of the Sea: Community Cultural Stewardship in Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean July – December, 2022

Since July 2022, an initiative “Festival of the Sea” has emerged as a brand and framework for a permanent cultural action that seeks to contribute to “recognizing ourselves as communities of the sea through coastal marine...

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Tona Ina, the Yoruba “sea light”: Community Archaeomythology in Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean

See and hear: “Tona Ina, the Yoruba ‘sea light’: Community Arcaeomythology in Costa Rica’s Southern Caribbean by María Suárez Toro and guests: MSc Aaniyah Martin from South...

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Community Maritime Archaeology: Two young women make history in V Expedition/Exhibition in 2023

                                                                                                                            María Suárez Toro, CCBEM May 25, 2023 An important discovery was made by the Ambassadors of the...

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