On June 6 at 6 pm in the Parquecito of Cahuita, the Corpus Christi Dancers of Ecuador will dance their ancestral dances.

The activity will become the public CLOSING of the Seminar: “Re-knowing Our Roots, Doing Science Ciudadana that will take place between June 3-6 in Cahuita.”

The special activity on June 6 at Parquecito is a gift from INMAR Caribe to the communities of the Cahuita District.

It is part of an Artistic Residency at Casa Marina from June 7-10 by the Danzantes, who will stay there free of charge in order to take make their dancing tour through Talamanca.

The presentation in Cahuita will  be a contribution from INMAR Caribe in coordination with the organizers of the Danzantes tour.

Under the leadership of the Keme Foundation and the Municipal Mayor’s Office of Alajuelita, with the collaboration of the Awasqa Cultural Management Network (Ecuador), the national tour will take place in the month of June, in several territories of the country.

The Community Ancestral Cultural Event will feature dancing events  with Bribri, Térraba, Cabécar and Afro-Caribbean peoples, in interaction with the Panzaleo Peoples from Pujilí, Ecuador, dancing their intangible heritage dance of the Corpus Christi Octaves Dancers.

Dr. Santiago Buitrón from Ecuador, coordinates the tour together with Tania Álvarez from Kemé. The tour of Talamanca is coordinated by ATEC.