María Suárez Toro,                                                                    ESCRIBANA, 15/2/24

When everything that we love about life as women of a maternal species that uses its natural, social and political powers to look after the children of the clan; the welfare of the clans themselves and the tribes and territories that the clans organize.

When all of those basics about the love of life is being totally annihilated “just because”, it is Palestine; just because they are                    Marah AlHoujairi
different to Western mainstream culture; just because they
occupy their historical land that the West wants to exploit only for “the chosen ones”.

When we as women of the maternal species that we are, ontologically knowing that in is up to us as the moral reserves of the clan, to heed life’s call to care for all of life.

And when that is happening before our globalized hearts in an apparent far away land like Palestine, not because they are far away, but because the occupation of their land, the apartheid of their lives and the mighty full media rendering them invisible and voiceless in the worlde arena

What can we do for the sake of our love of life?

My heart is shattered by the genocide in GAZA? It is shattered for Palestinians in Gaza because the Zionist State’s offensive against them is to kill them all and their whole reproductive social system to live life, so that in case any survive the war, there will be nothing else to continue living with and living for the love of life.

Yes, I also feel for civil and humanitarian jews who have to live under Zionism because the very nature of their government – Zionist, patriarchal, capitalistic, militaristic, puts their lives constantly in danger, and we have also seen and lived the worse of that.  But, as a people, they are not challenged to survive.

Yes, there is still anti Semitism in the world and we challenge that, but not all that is for Palestine is that; matter of fact it is the least, because people who resist genocide are focusing on the survival of life in Palestine.

I hope someday Jewish people understand, or at least recognize, that there is a power issue in the way that life in threatened from river to sea:

For Palestinians, the Western power’s military, capitalist, patriarchal, and supremacist might MEANS real capacity for total annihilation of ALL of them, their dreams and their land.

And perhaps the genocidal offensive has been going on for so long, that they also know, that IF IT HAPPE to the fullest extent of annihilation, we are all, next on line.

I see Palestinians on television, asking us not to leave them alone. They know, better than us, what Western might is capable of, if not stopped now.

From the horrors of that century old war, they stand resilient for the best of humanity’s love of life to also stand tall for life – theirs and ours.

My heart pains for Palestinians and Gaza because they are and have been the umbilical cord of a historical resiliency that can no longer do it alone, and they are desperately crying for us to fall in love with them, in the very way we love the rest of the world’s life.

Thus, I ask today: does love have our chance in Palestine now?

If so, HOW?

I am on strike, looking to build and answer to the quiestion with you, including Palestinans.