Try to keep women barefoot, hungry, childless, roofless, raped by fear of rape, or raped, sad of so much death and deprivation arround, isolated, afraid and lifelihoodless … and you kill a whole society left alive after the bullets and the bombs and the desolate aftermath.

Upon that first level of genocide in this warfare strategy, call it self defense and that will let you take their whole land.

No further occupation needed: the web of life of a maternal species diminished to the ground, and all has been occupied, left to die.


Although the very women left alive will again rise, have  no doubt. 

Life and its human web in the hands of women’s share and care does not give up, cannot give up … like flowers in a barren land.

Try, but they will haunt you back to life, even in the midst of such lifeless, hearless, souless warfare.


Unknown artist

Anja Rozen

The ghost of life
will haunt you
to your last breath,
as you also are,
or once were,
before becoming,
or supporting,
the war,
supremacists’ sentence
of Palestionians to death,
a child of that life’s web.