A new group Feminist Elders Against Genocide FEAG) organized by elder feminists from the Maternal Gift Economy Movement to dialogue inter generationally about solidarity initiatives against genocide.


In order to develop solidarity efforts they are inviting speakers about campaigns against genocide in Gaza.

They meet every second Thursday via Zoom. You are welcome to participate.

Zoom is every other Thursday, starting April 11, 2024. 

GMT ( UTC ) : 4:00 PM (16:00).

To REGISTER ask for the link: 


                 What FEAG has done so far:

– In FEAG’s  first meeting last April 11, 2024, we invited the “Rapadas por Palestina” Global Campaign


Cuban feminists who organized the Campaign spoke about the first 39 feminists from 12, counties have already joined.

“This is an embodiment of solidarity with Palestinian women by cutting our hair the same way they have to do it because of lack of any conditions to care for their health, lives, children and communities” said Eva, one of the organizers.

Alongside the Cubans, Mexican and British women who cut their hair spoke about the reasons why feminists need to join in solidarity.

During the zoom solidarity gathering, FEAG feminist Heidi Howes from the USA, cut her hair  as also had co-moderator Maria Suárez Toro, also FEAG and from Puerto Rico.


— The second FEAG meeting held last Thursday April 25, featured two Middle East feminist  advocates to an end to the genocide in Gaza:

One is Palestinian, Ramallah born, RaniaMadi specialist in International Human Rights Law who coordinates with Palestinian human rights organisations for the UN Human Rights Council, organising panels and side events relevant to the agenda of the Human Rights Council sessions.

It was important to listen to her and there is part that is relevant regarding why she has gone to present a case about violation of humanitarian assistance based on international legislation “because it aimed at ending impunity NOW, whereas the human right framework is about the aftermath of the war and in the reproductive genocide perspective, there won’t be anyone to protect.”

The other speaker was Bangaladeshi feminist scholar in solidarity with the Palestinian Women’s Collective about reproductive genocide, Nafisa Nipun. She has written a paper about the issue in Palestine. She is Associate Professor, Chair, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Advisory Board, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, Worcester State University.

Recommended reading also iwas Palestinian Feminist Collective here – 


Nafisa concentrated on the problem

of a colonial feminism about reproductive justice for its fragmentation. She addressed reproductive genocide from the perspective of the Palestinian Feminist collective.

Her presentation developed how she and all the others in the Collective in the USA are “the professors behind the scenes” working with the young students generation who are expressing themselves in the university campus.

They teach their students a historical perpective that the generation does not have, and accompany them when they get in trouble for defending Palestine.

Discussion: even though most of us do nostalgic believe un can do much, and  that they rights system is fragmented, we cannot leave ir in the hands of patriarchy and capitalismo … so our best bet in it is to struggle to reframe it looking holistically at what we are doing to each other and to the planet and hold accountable.

What this means about reproductive genocide is to bring an integrated perspective of the policy and an integrated perspective of the impact on the web of life. “Reproductive genocide – a term we learn from the Palestinian Feministas – can eventually hold Israel accountable to ALL aspects of the rights system… that way they cannot get away by fragmenting and we move the narrative to a holistic view of the genocide.

– The third session will take place next May 9, 2024. We hope to do it in solidarity with the Flotilla humanitarian initiative.                                    


You are welcome to join! Solidarity against genocide is necessary to stop genocide!