Heba Abu Nada; author of the novel “Oxygen is not for the Dead” has been assassinated in Palestine.

We mourn one of our sisters in the struggle for women’s rights; one of Gaza’s most talented feminist poets and novelists. She wrote yesterday before she was assassinated, “If we die, know that we are satisfied and steadfast, and tell the world, in our name, that we are just people/on the side of truth.”

Her last poem/written yesterday before she was killed in the midst of Israel’s genocide against Palestine: “The night in the city is dark, except for the glare of missiles; silent, except for the sound of shelling; terrifying, except for the reassuring promise of prayer; black, except for the light of martyrs. Good night.”

The truth sets us free if we take it out into the streets, like her.

On October 25 I will pound the streets of Puerto Viejo and Hone Creek in Costa Rica’s Caribbean with a banner for her and for Palestine: “Oxygen for the lives of all, not for the pockets of a few.”

I will be identified as the woman with the Palestinian scarf and the banner.

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