In her stories, targeted at integrating spirituality, economy and storytelling, Sophie Strand from the Hudson Valley in the United States, she says that the most creative moments of life in the Planet have happens when two beings decide to merge and collaborate.

“It is this moment of horizontal collaboration where creativity emerges; out of coming together, not when they “separate and fork”, as is believed by simplistic science.

The simplification of evolution is inaccurate when it states that the process of “forking” and “differentiating” is where new forms of life emerge. It misses how both happen: and it is when they merge and collaborate where the new emerges.

Example: multi-celular life in the planet was born out of the merging of two simple cells that came together and “half digested” each other. And in completing that experience, something new emerged.

“We are the product of a risky anarchic love making and indigestion where life dared to jump into each other in collaboration. That is when creativity  has happened, where evolution has taken place.”

(Taken from Winblu)

My note: In this statement, Sophie has taken Lynn Margullis scientific evidence (The Symbiotic Planet) and turned it into a founding narrative of the origins of life stemming from nature’s risks in love making when we interact symbiotically with life forms, which is the highest creativity.