Puyr Tembé

Dear friends,

The battle for the Amazon’s survival has begun, and this young woman may hold the fate of the forest in her hands.

Puyr Tembé is leading Indigenous peoples from across the country to demand the new Congress protect the forest from the storm of logging, mining and cattle-ranching that’s driving it to collapse.

Brazil’s new president is on board, but there is vicious opposition from powerful businessmen and their political puppets who see the forest as a resource to be raided.

It’s a battle Puyr and her people must win — and we can help them.

These brave Indigenous leaders are working on a shoestring budget. But if we all chip in, we can supercharge their fight, making sure the mobilization is just the start, by funding a major political and media campaign to win the protections we need to save the forest.

The Amazon is being eaten alive. The equivalent of 5,000 football fields is being destroyed every single day! Scientists are warning that the entire forest ecosystem could collapse, endangering the very foundations of life on Earth. And with 60% of the Amazon Basin in Brazil, its fate will be decided there.

But this Indigenous resistance movement is fighting for its future. Our community could back them with a roar of people power to tip the scales — and with incredible campaigners, over 19 million members in Brazil, and major Avaaz allies in the new government, we’re in prime position for impact!

For the rainforest, and life on Earth, this is the time to go all out — and if enough of us chip in, we will:

· Support Puyr and her allies to keep the pressure on Congress, demanding new measures to protect the Amazon;

· Launch a major political advocacy and media campaign to secure the laws the forest needs;

· Build a massive network of citizens in Brazil to support Amazon protection;

· Fund an Indigenous summit for leaders from across the Amazon to plan the forest’s defence at the national and global level; and,

· Bring massive global pressure to protect the Amazon and other key ecosystems with bold campaigns on governments around the world.

The plan is ambitious — but the future of the Amazon hangs in the balance, and we could be the last generation that can still save it.

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